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Elder Law and Asset Protection from Nursing Home Costs

You do not need to become impoverished due to your spouse’s nursing home costs. We help protect assets from nursing home costs, legally. There are federal and state rules that …


Medicaid Application Pending, 7 Things You Need to Know

So your application for Medicaid long-term care benefits is “pending” with the local County Assistance Office. Here are 7 things you need to know: You or your attorney should stay …


Should you hire an attorney for a Medicaid application?

Does the Medicaid application process intimidate you? The application can be very overwhelming if you’ve never completed the process before. Terms like “five-year lookback” and “spousal benefits” can make you …

Estate & Trust Administration


Where Should I Keep My Will?

Your original will needs to be found in the event of your death, otherwise the provisions in it won’t be enforced. If the original will cannot be located, Pennsylvania law presumes that …


Is Your Attorney a Certified Elder Law Attorney?

Is Your Attorney a Certified Elder Law Attorney? Robert C. Gerhard, III is certified as an elder law attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation, as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme …


Estate and Trust Administration

We help executors and trustees avoid mistakes and potential liability. We’ll help you collect and value the assets, deal with creditors, prepare the tax returns, and facilitate timely distribution to the beneficiaries …


Can You Avoid Medicaid’s 5-Year Look-Back Penalties?

When you apply for Medicaid, the agency will launch a 5-year look-back, in which they review your finances for the 60 months preceding your application date to determine whether you …


Exceptions to the Medicaid Requirement to Pay Income to the Nursing Home

An individual in a nursing home who qualifies for Medical Assistance (Medicaid) long-term care benefits will normally have to pay their income to the nursing facility, but exceptions apply to …


What Happens If I’m Denied Medicaid Benefits or Receive a Penalty From the Results of the Look-Back Period?

Medicaid is essential in helping individuals access medical care, especially elderly patients in need of long-term nursing care. But accessing Medicaid requires undergoing the 5-year look-back period, which is when …