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Estate & Trust Administration

No Probate Assets, No Estate Recovery Payback

By Robert C. Gerhard, III

When a recipient of Medical Assistance (Medicaid) long-term care benefits dies in Pennsylvania, the next of kin will be contacted by the Estate Recovery Program of Pennsylvania’s Department of Human …

What’s the Difference Between A Will And A Trust?

By Robert C. Gerhard, III

Understanding the differences between wills and trusts is critical in estate planning. These legal documents provide clear guidelines about how your health and assets should be managed when you are …

What Assets are Not Subject to Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax?

By Robert C. Gerhard, III

Pennsylvania inheritance tax is due within 9 months of a person’s date of death on the value of most assets owned by the decedent and passed on to his or her beneficiaries. There are exceptions and assets not subject to Pennsylvania inheritance tax.  

Estate and Trust Administration

By Robert C. Gerhard, III

We help executors and trustees avoid mistakes and potential liability. We’ll help you collect and value the assets, deal with creditors, prepare the tax returns, and facilitate timely distribution to the beneficiaries …

Form 1310: Statement of Person Claiming Tax Refund Due to a Deceased Taxpayer; Do It Right or Risk Major Delays

By Robert C. Gerhard, III

Filing a decedent’s final federal income tax return without including Form 1310 and supporting documentation will result in major delays in receiving an income tax refund that is due.

Is Your Attorney a Certified Elder Law Attorney?

By Robert C. Gerhard, III

Is Your Attorney a Certified Elder Law Attorney? Robert C. Gerhard, III is certified as an elder law attorney by the National Elder Law Foundation, as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme …