Pennsylvania Medicaid, Long-term Care

Written by certified elder law specialist Robert C. Gerhard, III Esq., this essential guide explains how Medicaid is used to finance long-term care in Pennsylvania. No other text discusses Pennsylvania’s eligibility rules for Medicaid long-term care benefits in such detail.

An image of The Montgomery County Elder Law Handbook

The Montgomery County Elder Law Handbook

Robert C. Gerhard, III co-authored and edited this guide to Montgomery County Elder Law.

Elder Law in Pennsylvania, Explore Now

Elder Law in Pennsylvania, 5th Edition

The Fifth Edition of Elder Law in Pennsylvania provides the latest word on how to plan to protect the assets of seniors who are in need of long-term care and many complicated legal issues facing the elderly and their families. Attorney Robert C. Gerhard, III is a co-author of the latest edition of this treatise. Attorney Gerhard updated the chapter on Pennsylvania’s Medical Assistance Estate Recovery Program.