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Robert C. Gerhard, III really did write the book on Pennsylvania Medicaid. He is author of Pennsylvania's law treatise on the topic of Medical Assistance (Medicaid) long-term care benefits, now in its fifteenth edition. There is a lot of conflicting information out there, and sometimes it is difficult to know what is true and not true about Medicaid long-term care benefits. The nursing home staff may say one thing, and friends who have gone through this may say something else. Consider hiring Attorney Gerhard to let you know what is true for your particular situation. Medicaid rules are complex, but Attorney Gerhard will provide clear, actionable advice for your case.

Get Quick Answers to Critical Questions:

  • What resources are exempt?
  • What assets are at risk of nursing home costs?
  • What are the exact steps in the application process?
  • How can assets be protected legally for the community spouse?
  • Under what circumstances is gifting permitted in light of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005?
  • If a Medicaid application is denied, what is the appellate procedure?
  • Is there a way to legally avoid estate recovery?
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Pennsylvania Medicaid - Long-Term Care Book Details

Written by certified elder law specialist Robert C. Gerhard, III Esq. this reference book is a "must have" for anyone advising seniors and their families. This essential guide explains how Medicaid is used to finance long-term care in Pennsylvania. No other text discusses Pennsylvania’s Medicaid rules in such detail. Precise citations are provided to applicable cases, statutes, and regulations.

Summary of Contents

Overview of Pennsylvania Medicaid Long-term Care Benefits Administration of the Medicaid Program Medicare vs. Medicaid Medicaid Fraud and Abuse PDA 60+Waiver Program Overview of Eligibility Excluded Resources Non-excluded Resources Jointly Owned Resources Deeming of Resources Treatment of Income Treatment of Lump Sums Citizenship and Alienage Requirements Spousal Protections Calculations Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance Community Spouse Resource Allowance Income First vs. Resource First Rule Achieving Resource Eligibility Spend-down Transfer of Assets (Gifting rules and transfer penalties) Application Process Estate Recovery Fair Hearings & Appeals

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Pennsylvania Medicaid - Long Term Care 2021 by Robert C. Gerhard, III   Pennsylvania Elder Law Attorney 2021 Edition is Now Available! Publisher:  George T. Bisel Co.Library of Congress Control Number: 2004106829ISBN: 1-887024-99-9 VOLUME, SOFT-COVER, 767 PAGES, PRICE: $199.00

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