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Where Should I Keep My Will

Your original will needs to be found in the event of your death, otherwise the provisions in it won’t be enforced. If the original will cannot be located, Pennsylvania law presumes that …


Pennsylvania’s Filial Support Law: Children Can Be Held Responsible for Parent’s Unpaid Nursing Home Bill

Pennsylvania appellate case law has upheld lower court decisions that imposed liability on children for their parents’ unpaid nursing home bills under Pennsylvania’s filial support statute. It can be surprising for our clients to learn…


Uh oh: Nursing Home Handling Medicaid Application

It can be expensive for you to have the nursing home business office handle the application for Medical Assistance…


Nursing Home Medicaid Benefits Denied

The recently decided Commonwealth Court case of Bradford County Manor v. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services[1] illustrates the importance of timely filing an appeal when Medicaid long-term care benefits have been denied.


2020 Asset Limits for Pennsylvania Medical Assistance (Medicaid) Long Term Care Benefits

  Disclaimer: This article has been posted for general information purposes only, and applies only to Pennsylvania residents. You should not act upon the information in this article without first retaining legal counsel. …


Gifts Can Create Ineligibility for Pennsylvania Medical Assistance (Medicaid) Long-term Care Benefits

Parents sometimes help their children financially. Grandparents give money to their grandchildren. Unfortunately if that parent or grandparent is admitted to a nursing home within 5 years of such gifting and needs to apply for Medical Assistance…