Geriatric Care Managers and Elder Law

Geriatric Care Managers and Elder Law

Attorney Gerhard believes in hiring the right people to address non-legal issues that impact the elder law services being provided. While Mr. Gerhard is handling financial matters involving estate planning and asset protection, geriatric care managers can be hired in order to help make sure the necessary hands-on, day-to-day care is being provided to a loved one. This service is especially helpful for children who live out-of-state but are relied upon to assist an aging parent.

H-12-Lifecare-PlanningHospitals provide discharge planning services, but often the extra help provided by a private geriatric care manager proves worthwhile. Identifying the various placement options is critical in developing a full array of asset protection strategies in what can frequently be an uncertain and changing set of circumstances.

Geriatric care managers can help identify ways to care for a failing senior safely at home for as long as possible, instead of a nursing home. If home care is not possible, less intensive placements such as “assisted living” can often be identified which provide a more residential atmosphere than a nursing facility. Where nursing home placement is unavoidable, we work with geriatric care managers to identify the nursing home which is medically appropriate, geographically convenient, and within reach financially. Geriatric care managers can provide a placement assessment which results in a “short list” of appropriate facilities from which to choose. This service can save hours by preventing unnecessary visits to the nursing homes which you would clearly want to avoid. Mr. Gerhard helps address the financing issues by accessing public benefits, where possible, to help defray the potentially devastating cost of long-term care.


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